Créations Crème de la Crème Boutique - Evening dresses and accessories

A true reference point for special occasions, Créations Crème de la
Crème dares, selects and proposes unique looks for all your

Créations Crème de la Crème is the archetypal destination for any
fashionista in search of glamour. Their expertise? Sublimating a woman
in exclusive dresses for the striking evenings of her life. For the
young lady looking for the perfect prom dress to the woman searching for
an elegant attire for a special occasion, Créations Crème de la Crème
offers a wide range of collections at the height of your desires.

Our selection includes prom dresses, gala dresses, evening dresses,
bridesmaids dresses & cocktail dresses. Your special occasion
destination for dresses & accessories in Laval.

Visit us in store to discover our full collection.

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